A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Game Off 2022, with our chosen cliché being "square meal".

A simple puzzle game where you try to score the most points by boxing a section of the board. For the best score, you want 10 tiles of fruits and veggies, 5 tiles of protein, 5 tiles of carbs, and 5 tiles of desserts. You can also score bonus points if you fill the entire box and using a lot of different foods.

To help, you have access to a blender and a trash can. These can only be used a limited number of times, but are reset whenever you place a box.

*Left mouse to pick up and drop foods.
*Right mouse to flip the food you are holding.
*Scroll wheel to rotate the food you are holding.

*Coding by https://silversmind.itch.io/
*Art by https://polkagrisar.itch.io/
*Audio by https://enpeace.itch.io/


SquareMealPrep.exe 5.6 MB

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