A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Rougelike jam 7.

Run and gun your way through multiple worlds, shooting down drones and stealing their tech.

Gain a high-scrore by damaging (and defeating) the boss at the end of each level.

A/D or arrow keys left/right - Move character
W or up arrow - Jump (and double-jump!)
S or down arrow (hold) - Slide
Left mouse button - Shoot gun

Concept and coding by https://silversmind.itch.io/
Character and drone art by https://mezzaluna-luna-h.itch.io/
Music by https://xenoloaf.itch.io/
Bird sprite by Spring/Flofflewoffle Flooferwoofer (OpenGameArt)


Lucrative Equanimity: Myriad Idiosyncrasies (jam version) 50 MB

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