A downloadable game for Windows

Be the first player to make 12 pieces of Royal Jelly. Supports up to 6 players and 6 bots!

Send out your bees to collect resources, purchase upgrades, attack the other hives and protect your own.

Each round, assing your bees to the various features, such as flowers and rocks.
You have 3 units:
Workers: Send these out each round to collect resources and attack other players. Only those assigned patrol will initiate combat, but all bees can fight.
Drones: Heals your queen 5 HP at the end of the round, and protects your queen when the hive is attacked. All drones die at the end of the round.
Queen: Produces Royal Jelly based on her health. Health is shown in red in the top left, and progress towards the next Jelly in blue right below.

There are 3 resources. Each flower provides all three resources, but the amount changes based on what they are focused on:
Pollen: This is spent to buy upgrades (bottom left).
Nectar: Used to buy drones and workers.
Honey: Spent on special actions that must be unlocked.

Workers are assigned to 1 of 4 different tasks:
Gatherer: Gather resources from flowers. Each bee can only carry 1 unit of stuff, and each flower carries 10 units at most.
Escort: Travels with gatherers. Will be targeted in combat first and has a bit more health than other workers.
Patrol: Will chase down and attack enemy bees in their patrol range.
Attacker: Travels to an opponent's hive to attack their bees and queen.

Other stuff:
*If you have less than 5 workers at the start of the round, you are given a free worker.
*Each round, flowers recover some resources, up to a maximum of 10.
*Buds grow when a bee carrying resources travel over them.


CiviBEEzation.exe 3.2 MB
CiviBEEzation_installer.exe 4 MB


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